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The Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, established  in the campus of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines in 1980, stands as the foremost training center in Asia for people intending to dedicate their time in the ministry of music and liturgy in the church. Following the movement for contextualization of worship in Asian churches, AILM pioneered in training church musicians for their roles as worship leaders through intensive residential programs designed to equip the students with skills essential to their future work. The training programs cover varied but related areas of concentration, focusing primarily on choir music and conducting. Contextualization is addressed by courses that emphasize the creative work – music and text writing – pursuing the vision articulated by its founder, Francisco Feliciano, that in order to achieve the goals of contextualization, new works reflecting the spirit and identity of the local churches must be born and re-born. The AILM Training Program has evolved over the last two decades, going through continuing changes and refinement as it responds to the changes within the society, the churches and the world. Today it offers several programs from the basic training for worship associates to the master programs in liturgy and music. It cooperates with theologians, educators, and musicians in crafting curricula that anticipates the needs of a worshipping community in music, liturgy, and of late, the arts. The hallmark of AILM is creativity – in approaches to music for congregation, creating new songs, writing new texts for prayers, the role of arts in a worshipping community. It has produced in the last 25 years hundreds of men and women who have taken their places in their respective churches as music leaders, teachers, composers, carrying on the mission of AILM in their own countries. More importantly, it has produced a huge body of new songs that represent the music of the local communities to which the churches belong. These are now sung worldwide. The AILM is the creative link, the channel through which the rest of the world can hear the songs of Asian churches. AILM, as it begins the second cycle in its creative and education mission, offers these trainings with renewed vigor as it challenges its students to re-discover their roots and the seeds of faith that were planted in Asian soil.
The Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music
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